How to Prevent Rejection of Health Insurance Claim in India

In India, the insurance industry consists of 53 insurance companies, out of which 29 agencies provide health insurance. Approximately 30% of the nation’s population opts for health insurance. As the health insurance industry continues to grow at an annual rate, more and more people are spending time comparing and purchasing a policy.
When you apply for an insurance claim and the insurance provider, whom you have paid the premiums to get assistance in case of medical emergencies, may deny the claim. So, it is necessary to be careful when purchasing a plan and it is also vital to re-examine the details of the policies that are already held.

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Owing to the increasing number of lifestyle diseases, health insurance is becoming a necessity for people. Over 60 million Indians are afflicted by diabetes alone. It is only practical to ensure that one’s insurance policy is reliable to obtain an insurance claim instantly when required. But, first you need a good policy, which can be purchased after making comparisons between different policies.

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