A Guide to Making Overseas Travel Insurance Claims

Many people while traveling abroad do not bother with the details of their travel insurance. In case of a mishap, they are caught unaware and can end up wasting precious time and money. The process may seem daunting but if you know what to do then you can relax during tense situations. Provided below is a guide that will help you make your Insurance claims in the most convenient way possible.

Prepare and pack

Overseas travel insurance covers the following risks:

Preparation prior to travel:

Call your insurer on time

In the event of an unfortunate incident, it is necessary to notify the insurance provider within the time frame mentioned in the policy. You should inform them on their call center in the case of incidents such as,
The benefit of this is two-fold:
  1. The provider will know you need some help, and will commence the process of getting you out of trouble.
  2. You’ve established a possible reason for filing the claim, so there will be no surprises later.
When you call the insurer, you may need to furnish details of the incident. They will then send you a claim form to fill out. You can download a claim form on insurance company  website  and complete.

Evidence is necessary: Provide some proof to support the claim

Proof of loss is required when you file a claim against travel insurance. Proof of loss might include:

If you follow the above mentioned steps at the time you pack for a trip abroad, you will not struggle when you make a claim. 

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